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viktor yanukovych says he's still a leader. new concerns in crimea where arms forced are taking over the airport stoking fears within the divided nation. >> the united states totally supports the ukraine's territorial integrity and the sovereignty and we expect other nations to do the same. we encourage all parties to avoid any steps that could be misinterpreted or lead to miscalculation or do anything other than to work to bring peace and stability. >> contenders vice president joe biden and new jersey governor chris christie have a different set of hurdles as they both contemplate a run for the white house. and the tea party turns five, two leaders within the group have very different messages we'll talk 2016 straight ahead. and the oscar goes to -- the
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biggest stars and most important awards, we'll break it all down with an expert who will be on the red carpet. very good day to you and happy friday. i'm kristen welker in washington today for andrea mitchell. in just under an hour the clinton presidential library will begin to release 33,000 pages of records that were withheld until last year because of legal provisions. the records are expected to include memos to then president bill clinton from his advisers and perhaps memos from the first lady's office. what will these papers tell us as hillary clinton decides whether or not to run in 2016? joining me now, chris sill list saturd za and susan page, washington bureau chief for usa today.
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chris, let me start with you. >> sure. >> what don't we know about the clintons that the papers might reveal? >> i feel we don't know what we might know. one thing that's important is to put this in context. we recently had the release of lots of documents rerelated to a close investigation with scott walker in wisconsin. we had a lot of documents and more documents released in addition to chris christie's administration, closing of some lanes in ft. lee, new jersey, these are not documents related to a specific event. these are documents from the years that the clintons were in the white house. that doesn't -- what we don't know is whether anything will be there. this is not related to a specific question or scandal or anything like that. it simply documents and as you mentioned at the top, it's 33,000 pages released over a two-week period. we don't know what's good until we are interesting until we see something good or interesting we
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didn't know before. we don't know exactly what's contained there in. >> we're definitely going to have to wait and see. susan, what will you be looking for in these documents and what could be damaging? you heard chris bring up the walker e-mails and of course the chris christie documents. what are you going to be looking for? >> in 33,000 pages we're going to find some things that are interesting, especially when the topic is bill clinton and hillary clinton, there's no question in my mind we'll find things we did not expect. and of course, we'll be looking for -- the number one thing we'll look for, what was hillary clinton advising her president. think of the journey that hillary clinton has taken since those days when she was the first lady of the united states before she became a u.s. senator and secretary of state and now a leading contender to be president. she may have given advice that she would disagree with now that look naive or unwise or unpolitically wise. i think it is a glimpse into a piece of hillary clinton's mind
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we haven't seen yet. i expect it to be interesting. will there be something explosive? maybe not but definitely going to be worth reading. >> it's also a potential precursor for what we're going to see in terms of the 2016 debate if hillary clinton does decide to throw her hat into the ring, right? there's going to be a lot of relitigation of the clinton presidency. >> bill clinton an asset and liability for hillary clinton. there are lots of good things associated with the presidency. we saw how effective he is on the campaign stump when he was in kentucky for allison grimes, but problems in the president c famously that she'll be forced to deal with. >> speaking of relitigating the clinton presidency, let's turn to the tea party. interesting things coming on the fifth anniversary of the tea party. chris, i want to ask our latest nbc news wall street journal poll shows as the tea party turns five, support is low, 24% support the movement, 65% do not support it.
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the highest we should say of th 30%. what does this say about how strong this party is and about the potential future of the tea party? >> so i think as you mentioned, the highest support has ever been is 30%. it's not exactly a massive drop in tea party support. i think this was always a niche appeal and niche group. i would say just because of niche appeal and group, doesn't mean the tea party doesn't retain power. we saw it in the 2010 election clearly that the tea party does retain power and mike castle, a sitting republican member of congress running for senate in delaware, lost to christine o'donnell, sharon angle and joe miller won but lost the general election. we did see dick luger use a establishment republican lose a primary. we'll see about 2014. to date it seems tea party aligned candidates running for senate have stumbled.
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we've seen problems for milton wolf and matt bevan, we'll see how it weathers, just because it's a small number of people in the general electorate doesn't mean the tea party cannot still have influence in the republican primaries and if they have influence there, they are someone that the republican party has to be aware of and acknowledge. >> and too strong leaders within the party, rand paul, has been the person who has brought up the clinton presidency. let's look at what one democrat democratic pac is running. i want your reaction on the other side, susan. >> rand paul is out there. he's banging on the clintons every day. what's his strategy? >> well, i'm not certain he has a strategy. >> there's a lot of things going on right now that we need to be concerned about other than what
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happened 15 years ago. >> record is what will be judged upon. >> it's not a long-term winning strategy for republicans. let's dance the macarena and talk 1998. ♪ >> susan, rand paul is saying tea party needs to invite more people into its umbrella and yet getting criticized for bringing up the clinton presidency. >> right, he has made those kind of provocative comments calling president clinton a sexual predator. on the other hand he has been the most interesting the tea party senators that we saw emerge since 2010 in that he has actually broadened his appeal significantly. he's done some interesting work with democrats on some issues. prison reform, for instance, restoring voting rights to felons, he's formed alliances with democrats on that. he's -- i think emerged as a figure with some appeal and i think that's why this democratic
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pac is going after him instead of going after, say, marco rubio or ted cruz more directly. rand paul is the one who seems to have the potential to have an appeal beyond the bounds of the tea party. >> kristen, you don't attack people who are irrelevant. susan is exactly right. >> all right. thanks to both of you for your insights. we appreciate it. >> today 911 calls from last september's lane closures at the george washington bridge were released but nothing so far indicates significant emergency response delays in ft. lee, new jersey. for more on chris christie and the so-called bridgegate investigation, i'm joined by our resident new jersey expert, steve kornacki, host of "up with steve kornacki." what are the takeaways for you for the 911 calls, no major traffic -- accidents reported in these 911 calls and yet real
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consternation that we're hearing. >> yeah, in a sense it's -- a few weeks ago there was a report out that confirmed no fatalities to the closures. in that sense it was i guess good news for the christie administration. it's another reminder of all of the little avenues that exist for more information and more context about these closures to come out, whether it's release of the 911 tapes, whether it's the state legislative investigative committee that yesterday released another round of texts unredacted texts involving david wildstein or the u.s. attorney getting involved, we know u.s. attorney is involved in this way, the exact scope is unclear. there are different wheels in motion right now that are going to continue to produce information until we get to an ultimate answer about this and every time something comes out like this it reminds you of the basic questions about when did
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chris christie know about this, how much did he know about it? has he been completely straight dsz forward in what he's told? really, what was this all about? that's the ultimate question we want to answer. >> i want to follow up on that point you just raised, steve, about the text messages we're seeing redacted parts for the first time. i'm going to read two of the texts that we're seeing, this is in relation to bridget kelly, david wildstein talking about traffic problems for a local rabbi, kelly says, we cannot cause traffic problems in front of his house, can we? david wildstein says flights to tel aviv all mysteriously delayed? these are being cast as joking text messages but what do they say about the broader culture within the christie administration, the texts prior to the actual bridgegate incident? >> i wouldn't read too much in terms of the relevance exactly to the -- of the rabbi, for instance, to -- i don't think he
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has any real significance when it comes to bridge closures. what i think is most significant about that text message exchange is the date. it was august 19th and it shows you that was six days after we had already knew about bridget kelly's time for traffic problems for ft. lee order from august 13th. this is six days later and just sort of in casualkacasual conve where they are making fun of anybody, it's the context of that exchange. in the context of making fun of him, they are joking about the idea of causing traffic problems. it shows you in the month at least leading up to september 9th when the lanes were closed down, this was something that was prominent on their minds. this was something the idea that this was anything other than a very -- a planned out well in advance exercise, i think is reinforced by the fact they are making repeated reference to it in the weeks leading up to it.
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>> and steve, there's still no smoking gun yet that directly links any of this to chris christie and yet you have some lawmakers who are calling on him to resign. he doesn't seem to be showing any signs that he's even beginning to contemplate that, is that fair? >> no, there is no smoking gun at this point. there are just lots of questions. he had his second ask the governor, weekly call in show and one of the radio stations in new jersey that was this week, second one since this all broke and again, the host posed the basic question is one of the questions that eats as people as they follow the story, you found out -- your story is you found out that bridget kelly had been vfd in this on january 8th and you were so appalled on fire the her and distanced yourself from bill stepien. why didn't you at any point just sit down with her and say, tell me what this was all about?
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and it is -- it's that simple logical basic logical level, that's where i think the suspicion, what feeds all of the suspicion around chris christie, there's no smoking gun right now and until and unless there is, he'll certainly continue az governor. but the reason there's so much suspicion there's more out there, is something like that. people look at her, if this guy was just finding out for the first time, was this horrified and recognizes the magnitude of potentially what he's dealing with here, wouldn't anybody's first question be, why did this happen? >> and steve, just very quickly, we're running out of time, but i want your thoughts on this point. you have christie last night raising money with mitt romney for the rga and million dollars in boston. put this into context for the future of christie and any potential run for 2016? he seems to be making a little bit of a come back here. >> the rga thing in 2014 is linked to 2016 and any ambitions
9:14 am
he has right there. it is like -- he's got to hang on as the chairman of the rga earn show that he can raise the money and do the appearances and put in the kind of work and be the asset he was supposed to be as chairman of the rga right now because that is a test of his national appeal within the republican party. if it reaches a point he has to say, i'm not raising money, too much of a distraction, have to stand down and take a break as rga chairman, he might as well being admitting, i have to stand down as 2015 candidate too. to be viable for 2016. >> steve kornacki, thank you for your reporting as always and we'll see you tomorrow morning on "up" at 8:00 a.m. the long wait for rain is over in california, but now there are new fears with flooding and mudslides expected over the next 24 hours. that means the possibility of hazardous driving conditions and airport delays throughout the day. thousands of homes have been evacuated and along the east
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ukraine's viktor yanukovych made his first appearance after fleeing. yanukovych insisted that he is the legitimate president of the ukraine and vowed to fight for the future of his country. in the southern region of crimea, two airports were seized overnight by a group of armed men. russia is denying involvement but the struggle continues there between those who are pro europe and those who favor a russian alliance.
9:19 am
for the very latest, i'm joined by nbc's chief global community -- set the scene, what is the latest in crimea? >> well, behind me in the parliament and there have been several hundred pro-russian demonstrators there all day chanting russian slogans, chanting for vladimir putin. and just about 45 minutes ago, chasing an opposition leader who for some reason came here to address them, chased him down the street and chased him through the city. it looked very dangerous at one point. but a lot of the attention today has been not here in crimea but ross tafl, which isn't far from here on viktor yanukovych, we saw the three faces of the former president, yanukovych the defiant, the yanukovych the pen
9:20 am
tant and in denial. he said in russia, i haven't been chased out of this country, i left because my life was in danger. i'm still the elected president. i haven't been toppled. the people in kiev are ill legitimate. we saw a man who was defiant and blamed the west for the revolution and he had no given orders to show protesters. but we also saw yanukovych asked if he felt ashamed about events that transpired in kiev he signaled that he did and he would like to if he could in ukraine, ask for the forgiveness of the people. the three faces of a man who is now in russia and spoken to vladimir putin by telephone but that he hadn't asked for any rgs assistance. as if he could, again, this is a man rather in denial that he is out of power. >> is that the sense there in
9:21 am
ukraine that he has lost all legitimacy? you have been there on the ground now talking to people. what are they saying? who do they think their leader is? >> well, again, this is a split country. i think it's without question that he has certainly lost legitimacy in the west country, which is the major half if you like, revolutionaries are in power in kiev and he is out of the country. and swiss authorities are investigating him and his son for money laundering. so the chances really of viktor yanukovych coming back here are slim. so there is still a political crisis in ukraine. it is now centered here on crimea because this is the area that has traditionally been under russian influence and if you like, russian in all but name. it was only handed over to ukraine 60 years ago. it's been the home of the black
9:22 am
sea fleet, 3/4 of the people here speak russian and the crowds in the square behind me have hoisted -- they did so yesterday, a russian flag on top of that parliament and their new leaders were out today and again the crowd was chanting russia and putin at them. here is where the president crisis is as you say people took over both airports here today and one case it was civilians. we didn't know really who they were. they were dressed in unmarked uniforms. at the other airport, it was clearly russians in unmarked russian loris. they say there is nothing unusual about that because it has the black sea fleet here. it did move divisions around but that is entirely consistent with the agreement it has for the black sea fleet. obviously for leaders in kiev, the revolutionaries they called that a russian invasion and that's the way they see russian troops moving around this part
9:23 am
of ukraine. >> and given that and given the fact that russia denies involvement, what is the state right now of the relations between the pro russian, pro-eu segments there and zo you see this careening towards a civil war potentially? >> reporter: i think that would be taking it too far. but certainly the two sides of ukraine have been divided for decades, you might say for centuries. and on either side of west and east ukraine are the countries trying to resolve this. russia in the east and eu and united states on the west and john kerry and lavrov have had a second day of discussing this issue on the phone and they have reached certain agreements,
9:24 am
although, one thing they are both saying in common is that they do not want ukraine to split. that's what the new government in ukraine in kiev is saying as well. people here in crimea and 3/4 of the people here, ethnic russians speaking russian, a lot of them are now saying, you know what, there's a referendum in may about what we do. we would like to secede from ukraine now. we want to be with russia. >> bill neely, thank you so much. we appreciate it. joining me now adam schiff, thank you for being here. we appreciate it. >> you bet. >> let's pick up on that point, russia denying involvement in that airport raid. do you believe russia? >> well, russia may not have been directly involved in the sense of sending russian troops to the airport, but that doesn't
9:25 am
mean play being a role subross is a, they have a lot of levers at play to use in the ukraine. it is certainly through its contacts there get ukrainians and crimea to stand up to various uniforms toage ta agj tt part of ukraine or other parts. we have to expect putin will use these levers, financial levers in terms of gas going to ukraine. whatever assistance we give, they can undercut by raising the price of the gas and we can expectage tags in crimea and elsewhere, there it's directly done through troops or indirectly done through proxies in country. >> secretary kerry talked about the fact that he had spoken with lavrov earlier today. let's listen to what he had to say and i want to get your reaction on the other side. >> i talked this morning with foreign minister lavrov about
9:26 am
the reports we're fgetting abou russian presence. while we were told that they are not engaging in any violation of the sovereignty and do not intend too, i nevertheless made it clear that that could be misinterpreted. he reaffirmed to me that president putin is committed and that as a matter of policy, they do not intend to violate the sovereignty of ukraine. >> so you hear what second kerry had to say on the other hand you have russia conducting these military exercises. does the u.s. need to be more forceful? is this strategy working? >> i think we do need to be more forceful in the sense we should recognize those now running the ukraine and swiftly move to approve some bridge loans and immediate financial assistance
9:27 am
until we can get the imf fully engaged, which is a longer process. this is very consistent with our values and promotion of democracy. and unfortunately we are dealing with a bully in russia that more than willing to bully its way to decree alt the kind of government environment andal lie it wants in the ukraine, no matter what the ukrainian people want. we do need to be strong. i also think we need to make sure the ukrainians don't take any unnecessary pro tvocative acts. i would fully expect lavrov to be saying what he is, whether in fact they do that or whether they have a very different understanding of what their rights are in crimea where they have the large base, may be a very different story. >> congressman, do you anticipate that congress will approve more aid for ukraine? >> i think there would be strong bipartisan support for that. there are a lot of members on both sides of the aisle that
9:28 am
realize, this is a critical battleground in the war of ideas and not only going to help determine what kind of future ukraine has, whether they can like their neighbor in poland, have a prosperous economy and open society or recede back to what russia is looking look, awe thor tear yan and we should do all we have but it will determine for those who live in russia's neighborhood as well. >> congressman, thank you so much. >> thank you. a memorable moment last night in colorado, jason collins met with matthew shepherd's family swetweeting this message. collins is wearing the number 98 as a tribute too matthew shephard, the year the young man was murdered. we'll be right back.
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ready to move? >> absolutely, let's do this thing. let's move. ♪ >> that was vice president joe biden running around the white house with president obama for first lady's let's move initiative. but will he also make a run for the white house? a new politico magazine article is putting a spotlight on the 71-year-old vice president who has made no secret of the fact he's muling another presidential campaign of his own. glenn tlush is a senior staff writer at politico. con fas tick article,
9:33 am
congratulations on it. you talk about the fact that at this point in any administration relations can be strained between the president and vice president. how could you assess their relationship? how would you put it into context in terms of past administrations? >> that's a great question. the trajectory is considerably better than the bush/cheney relationship which by this point of time detoor yeriorated to th point they barely communicated. you have to look at the biden obama relationship in two ways, the relationship between two men and political advisers. the state of the relationship between obama and biden is pretty good. there's a lot of loyalty on biden's part and obama's annoyance initial tendancetance has lessened. he still remains on a fairly
9:34 am
tight leash. >> with plouffe and company now gone, biden found a more re-septemberir rereceptive audience who initiated in the words of one west wing staffer, a do not right by joe niinitiative. they beganage tating inside the west wing for a bigger role in the second term. do right by joe, sorry. is this something that is actually bearing fruit? is he getting a bigger role? >> yes. >> and is this initiative working? >> yes, murray, who is the new deputy chief of staff for vice president biden, we know her as a former "washington post" reporter played a big roll and steve ra shedty has played a big role. also, remember, biden's need for visibility dovetails with the president's need for surrogates. a lot of people abandoned white
9:35 am
house. not for nothing is biden out there pushing the new job training initiative and stumping for what, doing 120 events for congressional candidates. here's what the vice president had to say in his own words on "the view." >> you have said if she runs for president, you will not run. >> no, i haven't. my knowledge of foreign policy and engagement with world leaders and my experience is uniquely positions me to be -- to follow through on the agenda barack and i have. whether she runs or not will not affect my decision. >> the she is hillary clinton. it sounds like he's really seriously considering a run even if she throws her hat into the ring. is that what his advisers are encouraging him to do? >> i think there's divided opinion internally. some friends would want him to sla fade slowly into the sunset.
9:36 am
his sons beau and hunter are gung ho for a run. he thinks he is as knowledgeable on foreign affairs and used to have a weekly breakfast with her and seen her up close and thinks he can match her. >> do you think he's going to run if she throws her hat into the ring? >> i think it's a complete 50/50, i interviewed 12 people around him, said it could go either way. >> thank you so much for your great reporting. >> thank you. >> debbie dingell made it official today, she's in the race to replace her retiring husband, u.s. congressman john dingell. there's been a member of the dingell family in the house of representatives ever single year since 1933. incredible. this morning debbie honored her husband and had a little fun at his expense. take a listen. >> there is no one in this district and i mean no one, that could fill his shoes. he is ir replaceable and i know how big those shoes are because
9:37 am
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start building your confident retirement today. president obama is launching a new initiative. at the white house event yesterday, he said several foundations donated $200 million to the effort so far and he expects to get a lot more money from the private sector. it was clear helping these young men is personal for the president. >> 19-year-old rasheed mills never managed he would make it to college. his home life was unstable, his future uncertain but that changed when he joined covenants house two years ago, the d.c. based youth support center helped mills get his ged, he's now a college freshman. >> like it was an unreachable goal, but then once they got me there, it's like i was so happy when i got to school. >> on thursday the president
9:41 am
announced a new initiative, my brother's keeper aimed at bolstering programs like covenants houses and studying ways to keep them in school and out of jail and on a pathway to success. >> too much are dropping out, unemployed. >> among those joining the president, teens from a chicago youth group called being a man. president obama first met with them last year in chicago. >> to my surprise he was just like me, growing up without a father. sometimes not too concerned with school. >> i explained to them when i was their age, i was a lot like them. i didn't have a dad in the house. and i was angry about it even though i didn't necessarily realize it at the time. i got high without always thinking about the harm it could do. i didn't always take school as seriously as i should have.
9:42 am
>> also at the white house on thursday, some of the ceos and govern leader who's have vowed to donate more money and join in the fight. >> i'm happy that president obama has stepped forward and said we need this. this is important to america. not just in the black and brown community but for america. >> statistics show african-americans and latinos make up 30% of the u.s. population but 61% of the prison population. their graduation rates are far lower than whites and black unemployment rate is nearly twice the national average. critics say the nation's first african-american president should have addressed what is a crisis sooner. >> are you telling me that the best he can do for the populations that sweat blood and tears to get elected is call together a couple of stake holders for some kids? >> the white house argues mr. obama has championed efforts to support boys and young men of color since he was an illinois senator. he says the death of trav trayv
9:43 am
martin -- >> in all of the emotions and controversy that it sparked, i spoke about the need to bolster and reinforce our young men. >> the president also called on the teens to do their part. >> part of our message in this initiative is, no excuses. >> these young men plan to hold the president accountable too, saying their future depends on it. >> most like youth guidance programs, they don't have the funding to go on and get canceled. but maybe this one will stay around forever. >> an incredible group of young men who visited the white house yesterday. the president will continue this type of outreach even after he leaves office. we want to pass along good health news, attorney general eric holder is resting at home today in good spirits and appreciative of all of the well
9:44 am
fishes following his trip to the hospital. he experienced shortness of breath yesterday. officials say the symptoms were heart related but not a heart attack. we'll be right back. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you.
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just kidding. she got me. [ female announcer ] now with new tide ultra stain release you can help remove 99% of everyday stains. the grand finale, the akad am awards is two days away. who could get snubbed? shaun robinson, thanks for joining me. >> hey there, how are you? >> i'm doing well. first to the issue on everyone's mind, the weather, it's expected to rain in l.a., are they prepared for this at the oscars? >> let me just tell you underneath this table right now i have on my rain boots. it was pouring rain today. and i was down at the doll by theater yesterday and the tent is already up. they don't want to take any
9:48 am
chances. there have been awards shows in the past that kind of hedged their bets and didn't put a tent up and it rained that day and everything -- all of the gowns were wet. they are not taking any chances at all. and i've got to tell you, kristen, if it is sunny and 100 degrees on sunday, that tent will still be up, they are not taking it down. >> it sounds like a good idea. let's get to the nominations, best picture, a lot of great movies this year. "american hustle", "dallas buyers club", "12 years a slave", "wolf on wall street" getting a lot of buzz. what are your picks? >> i have to tell you pretty much the acting categories are all on lock. we think we know who's going to win those. best picture, it's going to be a three way race between 12 years
9:49 am
a slave and american hustle and gravity. they've all been kind of on a roll. each one has had its own momentum. that's going to be the real shocker on sunday night. who's going to take home the prize for best picture? that one everybody -- nobody really knows. >> that always keeps us on pins and needles, that last big announcement. you see the best actor and actress locked in. let's start with best actor. i'll name just a few of them here. -- >> you don't even have to name them. it's going to be matthew mcconaughey. >> get right to it. >> i'm going to get right to it. this guy is on a roll. if you've seen "dallas buyer's club" all of the acting nominees are perfect. if it's not matthew mcconaughey that will be a shock. >> i saw that film and it is quite incredible. i have to agree with you.
9:50 am
>> and then let's go to best actress. >> indicate blan chet. she's been having all of the momentum taking home awards. we'll go to best supporting actor, jared leto for "dallas buyer's club", for supporting actress, kristen, everyone thinks it's going to be "12 years a slave." this is her first movie she's ever been in. she was fantastic. if somebody takes the prize from her, it's going to be jennifer lawrence for "american hustle" but i'm hedging my bet it's going to be lupita taking home the prize. >> ellen will be back hosting. what are we expecting from her? >> i talked to ellen a couple of
9:51 am
days ago. last time she hosted was in 2007. was she going to bring the hoover vacuum back. she was vacuuming in front of meryl streep and the rest of the nominees best in 2007, she says she's not going to do that but spend april lot of time in the audience. she's friends with a number of personal friends with a number of the nominees, sandra bullock, matthew mcconaughey and meryl stre streep. she said they should live in fear for what she's going to do on sunday. she's going to be live tweeting, spending a lot of time in the audience. she says she has four wardrobe changes. we'll be interested to see what she comes up with during those wardrobe changes. >> all right, we will be watching it all and watching your coverage of it. thank you so much. it will be a lot of fun. >> thank you. >> all right and we will be right back here on "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc.
9:52 am
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9:55 am
which political story will make headlines in the next 24 hours. chris sicillizza is back now. thanks for sticking around. we want to talk about the big news of the weekend, the new weekend update team, which is going to be on snl, they have big shoes to fill. what are you going to be expecting from this team? >> well, kristen, i'm a little disappointed i want asked to fill the male role, i do television. >> you were runner up. >> everyone knows i'm hilariously funny. i'm a huge ses lee tyson fan already. if there's ever been shoes to fill -- if somebody said you're going to play the will ferrell roles in all of the sketches, a tough thing. i love "weekend update" if things don't work out, i'm here.
9:56 am
>> i think you have a big future here. we want to -- it's ses lee strong. >> ses lee strong. >> she's been killing it on the weekends, i've been enjoying her. >> even if i got her name wrong. as cillizza, i should be getting names right. >> no need to apologize, you made us laugh. that's important. >> have a good weekend. >> that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." my colleague ronan farrow has a look at what's next on ronan farrow daily. congrats on a first great week. >> it's been fun. you look different, andrea, today -- >> it's the hair. >> great show today, good to see you. >> today on "ronan farrow daily" we have document dumps on big 2016 contenders and listen to 911 calls from the bridgegate scandal just released today and
9:57 am
talk about whether it's going to affect chris christie. and moments from now we'll see the release of thousands of records from the clinton presidential era made public for first time. i have an insider in those documents giving his first exclusive interview and we'll be talking with him about what effect that could have on the clinton's future aspirations. >> planned parenthood has a battle plan for 2014. the president of that organization joins me live. our panel of the day will weigh in on black hollywood and oscars. it's a jam packed hower. stay with us next. they're fruity delicious! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support regularity! i want some... [ woman ] hop on over! [ marge ] fiber the fun way, from phillips'.
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10:00 am
hello and welcome to "ronan farrow daily", it's friday, friday, got to get down to friday. so sorry for that. the clinton library is releases thousands of pages ever documents, let's hope i'm a fast

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